We have landed two new brands from the USA – THEORY and Pro Audio Technology!

Both brands offer exceptional high-quality, high performance audio solutions (stereo, surround, distributed audio and cinema) for both the residential and commercial markets.

THEORY products cater for every possible small to medium sized audio solution (stereo, surround, cinema, audio distribution) and have been branded “THEORY Audio Design” (for Residential) and “THEORY Professional” (for Commercial).


Pro Audio Technology (also referred to as “PRO”) products offers the absolute pinnacle in sound reproduction – an unrivaled collection of high-output, high-accuracy and high-impact loudspeakers and subwoofers for commercial and residential cinema, surround sound and distributed audio applications.

PRO products are highly sought-after by Hollywood production studios, film Directors, actors and high-profile individuals longing for the very best in sound reproduction.

Both brands also cater for all-weather solutions.

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