Furutech FP-TCS31 (FI-31G) Power Cable

High end performance locally terminated FP-TCS31 power cable with 20A IEC FI-31(G) and SCHUKO FI-E38(G), demo item

Price: 1.5m - Retail 10,170, Offer R7,600

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Furutech u4.1T speaker cables- Single-Wire

High performance locally terminated u4.1T speaker cables 2x2 with FP-201G spades and FP-200BG bananas, demo item

Price: 2.0m pair - Retail 6,000, Offer R4,200

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Furutech u4.1T speaker cables- Bi-Wire

High performance locally terminated u4.1T Bi-Wire speaker cables 4x2 with FP-201R spades, demo item

Price: 3.0m pair - Retail 12,000, Offer R8,400

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1 x DENON AVR 4810. 9.1ch, 140W/ch. All formats (except ATMOS). Mint condition

Offer R11,700

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ADL Apple i-Dock cables

High performance Apple 30-Pin i-Dock cables, stock clearance

Retail: 0.1m iD-30PA, R980, Offer: R680

Retail: 1.0m iD-30PA, R1270, Offer: R890

Retail: 0.15m iD-30PL, R930, Offer: R650

Retail: 1.0m iD-30PS, R1160, Offer: R800

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1 x 1.2m high performance tonearm (RCA - DIN) cable (OCC), demo item

Price: Retail 7,200, Offer R5,400

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Furutech ADL A1

1 x Furutech ADL A1 High-end performance 24bit/192kHz portable USB DAC, Android DAC, DSD DAC and headphone Amp, demo item, mint condition

Retail R10,800, Offer R8,100

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ADL Alpha Line Plus OCC analog interconnect cables

1 x 1.0m pair Furutech ADL Alpha Line Plus OCC Analog Interconnect cables, demo item, mint condition.

Price: Retail R5,000, Offer R3,500

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ADL Apple i-Device cables

High performance Apple 3.5mm i-Device cables, stock clearance

Retail: 0.15m iD-35L, R800, Offer: R560

Retail: 0.6m iD-35SP, R840, Offer: R590

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Ecosse The Best Boy analog interconnect cables

High performance OFC analog interconnects, stock clearance

Price: 1.0m pair - Retail 890, Offer R450

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1 x pair Spendor D1 Bookshelf loudspeakers (dark ebony). Demo item. Mint condition

Price: Retail R38,999, Offer R25,500

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Furutech TF-Series Fuses (Slow-Blow)

High end performance Furutech fuses (20mm), Rhodium-plated OFC copper caps, end-of-line sale. Various quantities available in 0.5A, 1A, 3.15A, 8A.

Price: Retail R990 each, Offer R690 each

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