Consumer audio products, historically, have been designed to bring music and speech to listeners at relatively modest sound pressure levels, over short distances. So for music listening or watching TV, these products have worked satisfactorily.

The advent of consumer surround sound and the emergence of the “home theater” market has changed the landscape. Contemporary movie soundtracks and concert videos, especially those encoded in the new “3D” audio formats, can contain extremely wide dynamic range and are designed to be played back at higher levels than ever before.

This new high-resolution content requires performance beyond that which traditional home audio components can deliver. In fact, the entire product development methodology used to create those products is now wholly outmoded. For this reason, our approach is different.

We understand the shift that has taken place and by applying technology and thinking from the professional and consumer audio worlds, we have developed a complete family of products tailored precisely to the demands of today’s high-range music and film content.


Pro Audio Technology (also called “PRO”) offer an unrivaled collection of professional grade, high-output, high-accuracy and high-impact loudspeakers and subwoofers for commercial and residential cinema, surround sound and/or distributed audio applications.

To this day, PRO products remain highly sought-after by the movie- and music industry “A-listeners” (especially Hollywood film production studios), sports stars, actors, film Directors, and business and world leaders longing for the very best in sound reproduction.


Every PRO loudspeaker and amplifier-processor has been engineered to professional standards using heavy-duty professional-grade components exclusively.

Like our loudspeakers, our amplifier-processors are built to provide extremely high-power levels and withstand professional duty cycles. PRO amplifier-processors employ highly-efficient Class-D power modules — in various combinations of up to 4800W in a 2U chassis— and include on-board DSP for loudspeaker and system signal processing.



Product range: Professional grade loudspeakers (in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling, on-ceiling), subwoofers and DSP/Dante multi-channel control amplifiers

Focus: Residential and commercial cinema, surround sound and audio distribution

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