It’s not lost on us that the last thing the world needs is another loudspeaker brand. There already exists too many loudspeaker companies, and the glut of product options they offer is only compounded by all the Amplifier, DSP and Control brands that have added loudspeakers to their already bloated portfolios. These companies are quite literally “jack of all trades and masters of none”.

None of them, in our estimation, make anything truly original or exciting. They’re all the same.

So from conception, we knew that if we were going to bring any real value to an already saturated market, we needed to be different. We also knew that we could service the premium end of the market like no other company could, not only in terms of performance, but also, design. So we concluded that if we could offer something truly different, and fill the void that exists at the premium end of the market, we could make an impact; we could actually offer something new and valuable.

And thus, in 2018 Theory was born.


We insist that only Theory Loudspeaker Controllers be used to power Theory loudspeakers.

Why? You may ask. Performance! That’s why!

And performance is a gigantic part of who we are, and why we’re here.

Theory is genuinely unique and our products have completely changed the level of performance attainable from small to medium size installed sound systems. Part of the way we attain this level of performance is by employing proprietary DSP techniques to process the signal for our loudspeakers and subwoofers with a very high degree of precision.

So the answer as to why you must use our Loudspeaker Controllers with our speakers is simply that the performance would not be possible any other way. And our remarkable performance is a key component to our unique value.

It’s best to think of Theory systems as just that, high performance systems.

So if freedom to select the amplifier of your choice is higher on your priority list than the ultimate performance of the system, then Theory is probably not the right product for you. If, on the other hand, performance, fit and finish, quality of build and ease of installation rate higher than freedom of amplifier choice, then take a look and listen.

You’ll be glad you did.

And you’ll likely fall in love with our amplifiers, too. And by the way, you can use those anywhere, even outside the wonderful world of Theory Professional.


Theory offer a thoughtful collection of innovative premium sound reproduction products to meet every small and medium size residential and commercial audio need – with class-leading performance, unexpected value and refreshing utility.

All-weather and landscape solutions are also provided, making it an exceptionally versatile collection.


Carbon Fiber and Engineered Polymers, Not Paper and Dome Tweeters.

Better Transducers, Superior Performance and Reliability.

Every Theory Professional loudspeaker driver is engineered from the ground up for the specific intended application. By taking control of transducer development, we are able to apply greater attention to detail, employ advanced materials and optimize each design in ways that would not be possible with “off-the-shelf” components.

Theory Professional full range speakers employ low frequency diaphragms made from specially-treated carbon fiber which eliminates resonances in the passband and adds increased weather resistance. The sound is clean, clear and detailed, and the diaphragms are nearly indestructible.

All Theory Professional high frequency drivers are true compression tweeters, even in the smallest models, and employ a specialized polymer diaphragm that delivers clean, pure, treble sound without the hash and harshness typical of modern drivers of this type. The result is extremely dynamic, yet extremely clean, clear and extended high frequencies – unheard of in commercial/professional loudspeakers.


Theory makes a simple promise: to deliver the best performance available in any product category we enter.

We stake our reputation on that claim and invite you to hold our feet to the fire by auditioning a Theory Professional system today.

Your jaw is going to drop, we promise.


Product range: Loudspeakers (in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling, on-ceiling), subwoofers, DSP/Dante multi-channel control amplifiers

Focus: Stereo systems, soundbars for tv, home audio distribution (patios, pool decks, living rooms, backyards), surround sound, home cinema

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Product range: Loudspeakers (in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling, on-ceiling), subwoofers, DSP/Dante multi-channel control amplifiers

Focus: Distributed audio (conference facilities, houses of worship, bars, museums, marine, restaurants, malls, hotels, etc.), surround sound

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