THIXAR has launched their new Silence Focus passive decoupling/damping platform, specifically for heavy amplifiers and power conditioners.

Every component of a Hi-Fi system is sensitive to vibrations. Contrary to widespread misconception, this is also true of high quality amplifiers and power conditioners – and to a particularly striking degree. That is why we have developed a special version of the Silence base for this class of device – a version that addresses the specific requirements of power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers and power conditioners. To accomplish this, AVC technology (Adaptive Vibration Control) from THIXAR had to be used in a new way.

The task: Amplifiers (and power conditioners) themselves produce a considerable amount of low-frequency vibrations, whose energy must be absorbed and processed by the base. At the same time, it must decouple the amplifier from the substrate, in order to avoid interactions with other devices. And because some amplifiers (and power conditioners) are very heavy, a base designed for a standalone installation on the floor must provide high mechanical strength. For this reason, the Silence Focus distributes the load on five special feet.

This sophisticated structure of a Silence Focus is a necessary condition enabling the amplifier (or power conditioner) mounted on it to perform to its full potential. The qualities of the components become much more apparent – an essential enhancement of sound quality is very clearly perceptible.

You will be amazed at how good your equipment can sound!