We have landed exclusive distribution rights for the ASR Audio brand from Germany.

It has been a long, long time since I’ve been so excited about a high-end audio brand….believe me if I say that this is simply “to-die-for” stuff. ASR products are able to express product uniqueness and individualism that is unrivalled in the hi-fi industry.

ASR products consist of two versions of ultra-high-end solid state integrated power amplifiers (ASR Emitter I and ASR Emitter II) and two versions of high-end phono preamplifiers (Mini Basis and Basis Exclusive).
All ASR products are individually hand-crafted on order only, in Herborn Germany; and the customer may choose from various optional extras for enhanced performance; as well as the final finish of the product.
Friedrich Schaefer, founder and designer of the ASR products, implements design concepts that are completely different to all other integrated amplifier designs. The amplifiers’ large, high quality Philbert Mantelschnit transformer power supplies are contained in separate casings. This design eliminates induced power supply electromagnetic fields and vibrations from affecting the amplifier circuitry. This is an essential precondition for a calm, quiet and relaxing sound stage. The power supply circuitry is equipped with a buffering capacity of more than 1,300,000 micro Farads and very fast rectifiers – a necessity for the power supply to remain stable under extreme loading conditions. ASR amplifiers are able to drive very low efficiency or low impedance loudspeakers with ample power. The amps can be driven into 1 ohms loads at full power and still remain stable.

Other specifications are equally impressive, with their top-tier Emitter II Exclusive boasting 500W per channel (measured over the entire audio band) into 4ohms, a frequency response of 0.2Hz to 500kHz (-3dB) and a greater than 1000 damping factor. More impressively, when configured for bridged mono-block operation, the amps can deliver 900W per channel into 8 ohms