ASCENDO has announced the release of their new 18″ ACTIVE cinema subwoofer – the SMS18.

The SMS18 is earmarked for commercial cinema installations, but will also find appeal in large home cinemas where an uncompromising, powerful bass experience is required.

The SMS18 is a specialized cinema subwoofer, in a vented enclosure, tuned to fit the ASCENDO CCRM speaker series for an uncompromising cinema performance.

It meets the highest demands in low end control and extension, dynamics, sound pressure and playback quality.

The SMS18 offers features such as AVB (Audio Video Bridged) Network compatibility, 1.6 kW RMS system performance, extensive DSP control and tablet-based graphical user interface.

The SMS18 also features Split Coil Technology, which offers a dual gap motor structure with 2 inner and 2 outer voice coils. The split coil technology extends the Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil principle into a dual gap motor structure. With two inner and two outer coils there are in effect four voice-coils. The two “ISV” coils are wound on a single cylindrical voice coil former, suspended evenly in the two magnetic gaps. In this Split Coil design the flux flowing in the upper gap has an equal flux density but with opposite direction from the flux flowing across the lower gap. The current flowing in the upper voice-coil is equal to but with opposite direction from the current flowing in the lower voice-coil. It is important to notice that the motor structure is perfectly symmetric about the horizontal axis. Consequently, this dual gap, dual voice-coil topology provides an equal Lorentz force in each voice-coil with motive force in the same direction. The motor symmetry creates a very symmetric and quite flat inductance curve. The coils are wounded in the opposite direction, so the AC magnetic flux generated by one coil is equal and opposite to the flux generated by the other one and this brings about a flux cancellation, reducing inductance. Reduced Inductance allows for faster current change, hence a faster subwoofer. On top, this motor will produce more acoustic output than traditional voice-coil drivers. The dual gap motor structure with four voice-coils wound in an innovative manner increases the power handling and reduces power compression while balancing motor symmetry. Consequently, it has the great advantage of reducing the intrinsic distortions and DC component offsets caused by Bl(x) and L(x) asymmetry for extreme linear excursion with maximum low frequency SPL

The last generation of highly efficient Class D amplifiers powers the SMS subs. No fan noise can disturb the listening experience because the amps are passively cooled.

ASCENDO’s cinema technology is also integrateable with all reputable home automation solutions; and is also compatible with legacy analogue output systems.