ASCENDO has announced the release of two new sealed 18” passive cinema subwoofers with a shallow profile, namely:

– The 18 PRO SUB Passive Sealed Shallow (left image)

– The 18-2 PRO SUB Passive Sealed Shallow (right image).

Both subwoofers are far above and beyond the competition in every aspect: refined musicality, tightness, and output levels that one would typically expect from a 18″ driver (and 18″ dual driver).

Combine this exceptional performance with an enclosure only 26cm deep to accommodate a wider range of applications where larger enclosures just can’t fit, and this model could possibly take the home theater market by storm.

Both subwoofers are earmarked for home cinemas where the owner demands an uncompromising, powerful bass experience.

Both models are engineered to operate perfectly in sync (in phase) with ASCENDO’s Infrasonic subwoofers: The24, The32, The50 and The80 when there is a desire to reproduce movie content below 20Hz with the same authority, precision, and musicality. The combined results sound (and feel) like seamless and natural extensions of their individual efforts, adding to the overall addictive, immersive quality of a complete ASCENDO system

Products come standard in matt black finish, but may also be ordered in any color (glossy or matt) and then also in a genuine piano lacquer finish.