We have secured an exclusive Distributorship for THIXAR products in Southern Africa.

A true music lover cares for each and every detail of his/hers equipment setup. It is a known fact that up to a quarter of the virtues of a high-end system derive from the setup of the components. Most people pay huge amounts of money for their equipment – and forget about the fundamentals by which their equipment operate; unknowingly that their gear are sensitive to mechanical- and electrical vibrations that impact performance and sound quality.

THIXAR addresses the impact that mechanical- and electrical vibrations have on your system by utilising a gel-based proprietary damping technology within their exquisite range of passive decoupling- and damping equipment platforms, hi-fi racks and related accessories. Their philosophy is simple: To promote PEACE in the listening room; and a heavenly pleasure for the music lover!
THIXAR’s hi-fi racks offer two advanced features, namely (1) there is no fixed contact between the rack system and the mounting base, meaning that external sources of vibration cannot impact on the equipment; and (2) their proprietary gel dampens the mounting base in a way that is targeted towards eliminating vibration of the equipment itself. Their hi-fi racks offer a modern-looking, visually attractive, fully modular design and a wide range of finishes to choose from. Beautiful hand-polished, chromed spikes ensures that the rack is properly aligned on a secure base.

THIXAR’s passive decoupling/damping equipment platforms comes in two standard sizes (Medium: 450mm x 360mm x 48mm or Large: 500mm x 440mm x 48mm) and may be ordered in various luxurious finishes, including carbon fibre.

THIXAR’s active damping control system, the Silencer, are for people that demands an absolutely authentic rendition of their music. Utilising ultra-fast control engineering that absorbs vibration amplitudes in the micron-area, the Silencer suppresses disturbances masterfully, delivering spectacular results that are simply not available with passive vibration isolation systems.

Other vibration damping accessories include beautifully-engineered spiked feet and equipment feet, as well as an ingeniously-designed equipment case damping system, called the Eliminator.