The Audio Visual Boutique attended the Munich High End Show (09 May 2018 – 13 May 2018) in Germany.

In short, the following can be reported on for the Brands we represent:

(1) Furutech:  A new model of the Furutech NCF Booster was launched at the Show, called the NCF Booster-Signal.  It offers flexibility to also be used on signal cables (HDMI and interconnects – RCA, XLR, USB, etc); and then, as previously, also at system components and as an effective cable lifter. Modular parts of the NCF Booster will also be made available for individual purchases to allow customers to build their own NCF Booster support system…..more information may be found here.

(2) Cyrus: The new Cyrus ONE HD ‘high resolution’ integrated stereo amplifier was launched at the Show, offering 2 x 100W,  Bluetooth (aptX HD compatible), Asynchronous USB, optical and SPDIF inputs, MM Phono stage, Class AB Headphone Amp and speaker impedance detection, to name a few….a real gem! More information may be found here.

(3) Thixar: A new (larger) version of their Eliminator case dampener was launched at the Show, as well as a new ACTIVE vibration dampener, called the Silence_iZ – a world first. More information will be made available on our website soon.

Thixar display – new Eliminator on left side


Thixar display – new Silencer_iZ. The only ACTIVE vibration dampener in the world.


Please visit our Gallery for more photos of the Munich High End Show 2018!